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Hungry Tiger, Persian in Tenleytown - Closed.

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I noticed this place opened up a few blocks from my house. I wondered about it and I just read a write up about it in the Northwest Current. Apparently, it serves many types of kabobs, several types of burgers (including miniburgers), fries and onion blossoms and "interesting" ice cream flavors such as black sesame and saffron.

So, to be honest, I don't have high hopes for this place but has anyone tried it?

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My current client is in Tenleytown, so I have been stranded there for months eating at the same places over and over again (generally not enough time to shoot up to Chevy Chase or down to Cleveland Park for lunch). So, I was rather happy when Hungry Tiger opened up about a month ago, even if it was just for something new. Anyway, I have eaten there twice, once I had a kabob (kubideh and chicken) and the other time I had the burger. Neither were very good, the kabob was a bit overcooked and the burger was small and untasty for the price, but I will give the kabob section of the menu another chance. As for the burger, you can get a better and cheaper version at Morty's or the Dancing Crab, so really not worth going to the Hungry Tiger for that. And, as for the mini burgers, I ordered them last time I were there and they didn't have them, not sure if that has changed or not.

So, overall, it is an average lunch place surrounded by other average lunch places, but at least it offers something new for me to eat. I will say, however, that the service is always very pleasant, especially for counter service.

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