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Spices Indian Cuisine, Manassas - Closed.

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So a quick takeout need was far more than assuaged this evening by Spices, an unassuming Indian in an unassuming strip-mall-plex in an unassuming outskirt of an unassuming town. Goat biryani, not a special but rather always on the menu, is fiery, the rice fully infused, the meat tender. Stunning. Kheema mutter, a ground-lamb stew, with depth and interest. Tender, supple bread. An out-of-the-ordinary spicy eggplant dish with layers and layers. And the usual, mediocre tandoori chicken.

This is about as pleasant a surprise as anyone could hope for on a Sunday night in suburbia. And half an hour later, my lips still burn a little bit from that insane biryani. Oh well. More rose for me!

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We were pleasantly surprised as well. I enjoyed the little dishes that kept your food warm. I did order mine extra spicy, but got it just medium hot (probably because my wife ordered hers not very spicy).The only downer on that night was that we were served the dessert (milk rice kinda) and we were charged for it - well, we didn't order it and were 'assuming' that it was complimentary. Yeah it wasn't.

If you are out in Manassas again and crave something Middle Eastern, then there is an alternative, although it is no sit-down and not as formal dining. It is also located on Sudley Manor, although on the other side of the road - a very small shop that serves Middle Eastern food. They do not offer Falafel (one of our favorite dishes), but have a nice Tandoori oven and great chicken skewers. Very friendly owners and nicely painted interior. <Link>

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