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Dining in North Arlington

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My wife and I are looking to eat in Arlington this Wednesday and be finished by 8pm. Looking for something interesting and good that will not break the bank and will leave our tastes intact for a wine tasting later that evening.

Thanks in advance

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Any thoughts on Vero?

Vero is excellent, but I would recommend more for a leisurely dinner when you have time to enjoy it. If you are looking for quick and inexpensive, I would go with Taqueria Poblano at Lee Hghwy and Harrison Street. Authentic food, but not too spicy to kill any wine tasting buds.

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I would recommend either the bar at Talula on Washington blvd or Willow's bar on Fairfax Street. You can dine well at both of these places


BTW, which restaurant are you affiliated with?

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This particular post might be retitled;  Eating in Arlington.

Just ran into 3 Arlington cops at Earls at Courthouse/Clarendon.  I asked them where they like to eat in Arlington.  We were really speaking eating...not dining.  Recommendations from them included:

Chicken and Steak Las Brasas on 4 Mile Run

WiseGuy Pizza in Roslyn

Actually several of the Peruvian Chicken places

NOTHING on Columbia Pike

Earl's of Course

Metro 29 Diner

Perfect Pita in the Courthouse Plaza.

Gotta add.  I mentioned the Italian Store.  They agreed.  Neither they nor I have been over to the new Westover location yet.

Advice from your local flat foots, who are all around the town, and need to fuel their stomachs, while not breaking the bank, during busy days

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