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Batali, Bastianich, Tomei

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The most recent edition of Gourmet's cookbook has a recipe for Parmesan crisps that go by the name of frico.

However, frico is traditionally made with Montasio, a milk produced from cow's milk in Friuli, a Northern Italian region close to the birthplace of Lidia Mattiachio Bastianich and the location of the vineyards of her son Joe, a business partner of Mario Batali.

Speaking of whom, the Smithsonian Associates seem to have extra seats left for their "Food, Film & Friendship, Italian Style" presentation this weekend, so they're offering a $20 discount on pairs of tickets if you call them directly at 202-633-3030 with promo code 51258. That's nearly half-off for Resident Associate members. The panel will consist of Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich, and Marisa Tomei, talking about food in pop culture and film. Just FYI.

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