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The Produce Giveaway


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I just finished a major whacking back of basil, and have way more than I have the time to use (normally I'd make and freeze a few batches of pesto). If anyone wants it, post here (please don't pm). I will check back every half hour or so between chores. First person willing to come out to Potomac gets it. It *might* keep until tomorrow, but really should be used tonight.

I expect to be swimming in tomatillos, cucumbers, and zucchini later this season. Possibly hot peppers as well. When a harvest is imminent I'll post about it. I hate wasting good garden vegetables.

Please don't ask for tomatoes, though. ;) Like a hobbit with mushrooms...

Edited to add: When the stems are removed, there will be about 5 cups of leaves. Also available: Thai, Spicy Bush, and Napoletano basils.

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Okay, despite what I wrote earlier, with a harvest of ten-fifteen pounds of tomatoes every two days, I need to give some away. Tomorrow I'll be home (Potomac) in the am, running errands in Falls Church and Del Ray in the afternoon. Anyone who wants tomatoes (probably a few zukes and cukes as well) and can arrange to meet me, send me a pm, and they're yours. (Minus a few I'm saving for friends tonight and tomorrow.)

The tomatoes are all indeterminate varieties and not really good for putting up. Most will be at their peak tomorrow evening.

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