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Agrodolce, Frederick Avenue in Germantown

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Not that I can imagine trekking to Germantown for dinner, and I've certainly never been, but Agrodolce is well-reviewed. Their menu (HERE) looks pleasant enough.

I had actually written a comment about this but deleted it when I decided to focus on Gaithersburg. But since the topic has come up anyway, I'll volunteer that based on several "I'll give them another chance" visits over the past two years, I am still mystified as to why Agrodolce is held in high regard. The space is yuppified (for a new strip mall overlooking 355) and the menu is fancy, but my entrees were merely okay, and the pasta was very disappointing...both overcooked and boringly sauced every time. Bzzzzzzt.

Thanks for the additional wing sauce info, DanielK. I'm an ordinary Frank's Red Hot + butter kinda guy myself, but what's the preferred method for taking a wing sauce to atomic spicyness?

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Agrodolce is overpriced mediocrity.

I have been to Agrodolce and I really do do not like their red sauce on their pasta. Too sweet I think.

They do have pizza combinations that I think work really well. So if you are out that way and do not feel like traveling they do have food worth the time.

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