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Pazza Luna, Federal Hill

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Last night, I went to Pazza Luna in Locust Point for the restaurant week menu. They are an Italian place now owned by the Sotta Sopra people.

I started with the Yellow Tomato Gazpacho- nice, sweet, light. My friend had the crab salad and asparagus salads- we thought the lump crab they used seemed a bit like Sam's Club lump crab- pasteurized.

My entree was the Pan Seared Branzino in Orangecello Sauce- I really like the citrus flavors with the fish.

My dining companions got the veal which was alright- the sauce was porcini mushroom- tasty.

For dessert- I had the tiramisu which was good. One person in the party had the Semi-freddo Triple Chocolate Mousse- it was great.

I'm off to Bicycle tonight.

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Has anyone figured out how to shut the damned music off on the website?

There are two locations on the opening page where you can turn down the volume. Because different screens have different dimensions two places were added. Under the word lunch(where the hours are posted) there is a line and below that is one location...the 2nd location is the line above the box that says Visit Pazza Luna Blog on the line you will see a speaker and a dot that you can slide towards the speaker to reduce the volume. Different screens, different configurations I don't totally understand it but yes - 2 locations to reduce the volume and you will not hear the music.

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