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Help Needed - Dinner for Ten People


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For a Saturday night dinner, mini-reunion of sorts for 10 college friends. I am looking for a place with good to great atmosphere, good to great food (moderately priced $30ish/person) and great to excellent drinks (price not an issue! - only weekend away from kids for most of them). They are staying in hotels in the West End but up for any location. A place that takes reservations would be a bonus. I have lots of mothers with toddlers in this group that don't get out sans little ones (or husbands!) very often, so the pressure is on and any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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Urbana in Dupont Circle has a sophisticated, hip atmosphere, an adjoining wine bar, and good-to-really good food. The restaurant has a great semi-private room with a rectangular table appropriate for a group of 10. Ask for "Joseph" as your server; he was super-pleasant the two times I've dined at one of his tables.

I have also taken large groups (8-12) to the following restaurants, all of which seem to meet your criteria:

Tabaq Bistro (ask to be in the upstairs area with the glass ceiling);

Viridian; and


I have also seen large groups in the upstairs section of Cafe Atlantico.

Finally, though I doubt it would please everyone in your group, if for some reason everyone is open-minded about a vegetarian restaurant, Vegetate (which would likely have a DJ spinning on one floor of the restaurant on a Saturday night) has a private room upstairs, and the proprietors, Dominic and Jennifer Redd, would treat you well.

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