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Food Writers Wanted


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I'm looking for food-loving writer's who'd like to contribute to DCFoodies.com. I think the only way to grow D.C. Foodies and start generating more ad revenue for it's monthly charities is to have other people writing. I also want to extend the web site's coverage to other areas outside of DC if possible: Baltimore, Annapolis, Philly, Richmond, etc. The writing doesn't just have to be about restaurants reviews either, you can write about cooking, working at a restaurant, whatever, as long as it has to do with food or wine. I wish I could offer fame and/or fortune for contributing to DCFoodies.com, but all I can offer is the satisfaction that you're doing something for the common good of the D.C. Metro area.

If you'd like to get involved, send me a PM or email me at jason@dcfoodies.com, and I'll give you the full details.


Edited to add:

Professional writing experience is NOT required...hell, it's not like I did any professional writing before I started the web site.

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