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I just wanted to stick my farm-loving head in here and post a link to LocalHarvest.org as a wonderful resource for farmers markets (and farms, farm products, events, etcetera)...this is probably the URL/resource I have come to recommend more often than any in my decade-and-a-half online. It's a national database with nearly 4000 farms, 1100 CSAs, 3000+ farmers markets, and more.

Just plug in your zip code and watch the map. One thing in particular that I have enjoyed is the ability to sign up for updates...again, just plug in your zip code and you will be given periodic notices if farm events are coming your way.

For example, that is the calendar for upcoming events within a hundred mile radius of the zip code 20036.

Hope this helps. I just love the work he's put into the site, and hope others find it valuable, too.

(P.S. HillValley, is that still Jacques' butt?)

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