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On our way home from Pawley's Island last week, JPW, Peanut and I stopped in Snow Hill, NC and stayed at the Benjamin W. Best Country Inn and Carriage House, on the national registry of historic places. It is lovely and the owners run Nooherooka Natural, all natural beef products. They are extremely conscientious and committed: they use no hormones, grow all the corn they feed their cows and test for ecoli and mad cow disease.

Several local and regional restaurants and stores carry their meat but they are trying to expand their reach. They deliver and you can order beef from their site. I noticed they don't have prices for individual cuts on their site yet, but they did give us a price list. Please PM me if you'd like costs for specific cuts.

Mary Betty and Ossie, the owners, couldn't be nicer, and I like to support the independent farmer if I can.

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