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Selling Alcohol in Virginia


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A friend of mine runs/owns the Comedy Spot improv comedy club in Ballston Mall. They sell a variety of concessions - Kettle Chips, candy, different sodas. There's no kitchen to speak of but there are water pipes running right by the concessions area.

Who can I talk to to find out what needs to be done to sell alcohol?

A free beer at the Comedy Spot for whomever gets me what I need. :angry:

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you'll get much more valuble information by talking to an attorney that works in licensing in that area.

generally true but when I was considering opening a brewpub in Warrenton I received a great deal of help and very prompt return calls from Sgt. Burnie Gaskill, the man in charge (I believe) of the NOVA ABC office. On second thought, maybe he was just in charge of Manufacturers/Wholesalers in that region. Hmm. Well, I'd still start with Sgt Gaskill, out of the Alexandria office who is a friendly & helpful government employee indeed.

I do believe you'll need to serve "meals", and there's maybe some prickly language in the regs, believe it or not, about what a "meal" is (requires a plate, knife and fork. Burnie and I debated a little about chili half-smokes....)

for beer and wine, though, the nice thing (IIRC--DISCLAIMER: check w/ a local lawyer) is that only 2000 bucks worth of food service (in "meals", though) a month is enough to qualify. (Spirits require, again IIRC and mega disclaimers, a 40% ratio of food to alcoholic beverages.....)

But you're talking beer at a Comedy Club.....

What I don't remember is whether you can do this via off-site kitchen in VA; in some states I've considered for my (moribund, lately) project, such an arrangement will work.

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