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EN Bistro & Sushi (Formerly EN Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar in Germantown), Chef-Owner Billy Ye's Pan-Asian with Sushi in Potomac Village Shopping Center

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I'm not sure of the ordering in which this took place, but the Gaithersburg-Germantown location is closed, and Chef-Owner Billy Ye has EN Bistro & Sushi open in Potomac Village Shopping Center at the intersection of Falls and River Road. (Thanks, KL)

One interesting thing about this restaurant is that they have a portable sushi bar that they can literally fold up, bring to your event, and unfold - so they can serve catered sushi at a sushi bar.

I wrote Billy Ye to confirm this, but I verified things myself independently, so I don't need to wait and hear back from him.

Here's the website.

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