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The Birthday Thread

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Happy birthday to both (yes, both!) of my parents, born 95-years-ago today. Their positions in the grave reflect the same side of the bed in which they slept. Married on Sep 6, 1946 when the

I don't care for this thread (since every single member deserves a "Happy Birthday"), but I want to say Happy 18th Birthday to my adult son, Matt. I'm doing things (three in particular) for Matt tha

I know you don't like this thread much but, happy birthday, Don.

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Happy Birthday Synaesthesia!!!!

Happy Birthday! Why aren't you listed on the calendar? And if you had posted earlier about lunch, I'm sure we could've found a contingent to run over to RK and sing a quick verse to you (Well, maybe, maybe not :angry: ) Sorry couldn't join you, but hope you had a nice bday lunch!

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Happy Bday Dean--A big cheer to you on your big 5-0! :angry:

Congrats! Looks like you got birthday wishes from Tom Sietsema in today's chat.

Tom Sietsema: Vent away!

Okay, kids, I gotta run to lunch.

I understand it's a regular reader's (and restaurateur's) 50th birthday today. Congrats -- and I know you'll drink well!

Ciao -- and chow -- for now.

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Happy Birthday Shogun!! (what are you cooking for your birthday?)

Happy Birthday JLK!!

Thanks! Oddly enough, I'm sous chef in class today, so other than mincing a ton of ginger and garlic (Cuisines of Asia, you know) I don't have any actual cooking to do. If anybody is looking to get me something, I could use a gift certificate to the Externship Store :blink:
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....srsly, I need an extern. :blink: Actually, I might even be down there next weekend to talk to some people.

Come to think of it, I think 27 should be considered one of the 'special' birthday years (16, 18, 21, round numbers, etc). You only get so many symmetric exponent birthdays. Barring significant advances in medical science, nobody here is getting their 4^4 birthday. Kind of puts things in perspective, huh.

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