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The List of DC Area Restaurants

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Winter additions:

Cafe Ate (then Barfed)
Station 9 from Outer Space
Restaurant Fired 3 Naming Consultants
[stop With The Numbers Already]
ACK: The Cocoa Calorie
Chicks "With A Conscience"
Queen Muck-It-Up
Mr. Hanky's "Number Two" Oyster Bar
Need Karo
Crumble Pork Tavern
The Empty Space
The Sores by Gangbang Fuck
Kimpton: No Mas-o!

And last but not least:

Deadend Bistro in need of Repair

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Spring additions:

Asi Nine
Sunny Bice
Monterey Waifish Blotto
Cafe Trop Pay
Fontaine Cafe and Crapperie
Ici ... But Not For Long
Jacksoff 20
Bobby's Crabs Ache
U Blah Bistro
Pee Poo Scrounge
Chix Gone Mild
Georgetown Dry Cake
Chatman's Benign Fakery
Ma Zoo
Palm a Granite Beast
And last, but not least (and yes, I thought about "Dork" due to the chef's propensity to accumulate vintage bowling shirts. Nevertheless...)


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Mr. Landrum, Voltaggio, and Yogato, you missed the solstice deadline, and will have to wait for the autumn edition.

With that, I'd like to thank Metrocurean, whose Newly Opened section makes checking this a lot easier.

Bleak Squirrel
Chicks n' Wangs
Bursitis Joint
Lost Sandoval
No Knowledge, Gee: Wine Bar
Old Hick Re: Steakhouse
Pay-Our-Green Espresso (sorry)
Manic Cure
Co Co Cabana
Cheek Tease Wine Bar
See Shut Crab House
PR Gall
Bred Scrota
Bo Degas
Pizza! Pizza!
Stinky Lice
Darling Tin House
Dumb Minion Restaurant
A Soggy Mozzarella Bar
Zzzzz Burger and Sandman
Tangy Teat
Only A Dog Wood Go To This Tavern
Hackle Pox
Beau Cottage A Lot Owes
Desperate Jamie
Or Rope Poem Mode Door Roe

And last, but not least, dedicated to our members who have given up on JDate ...

Court A Goy

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Autumn additions:

Come And Wilt
Floundering Farmers
Bad Hat Eatery
Tom Is Hairy
Ray's The Steaks 3
Nando's Scary-Scary
Jackson's Mighty-Swine Food
Taverna Sketchy
Fart and Soil
Goodbye, Cupcake
Wider Bellies
See Hurl
Lavender Moon Upchuckery
Spray Voila
Surf Died
Missed Her Yoga Toe
The Wandering Gonad

And last but not least:

AD: Whore.

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Winter additions:

Yak Coup
Pi = 3.14 = Predicted Lifespan of Restaurant
Him Lay In Hair, It Itch
Terrible Temple
Wiz Dumb
Chick Kin Loco
Gibson: 17 Strikeouts in One Night
Non-Ink Kabob
Sperm Erode
Crap and Whine
Level One Investor (or however many they have)
Err, owe ma
Lousiana Kitsch in a Bayou Bar
Shock d'India
Four Cysts
1905: Ayn Rand's Birth Year
Jock He-Club
Kabob Atrocious
Mow Me ... Gee!
Hank's The Steaks
Edgar Allan Posto

And last, but not least ...

Urban Mistake.

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Spring Additions:

Kitsch Hen
Barf-a Tomato Kabob
Flop In Pizza
Forepart Hominy
Purina Cat Chow ... Cha Cha Cha!
See Ya, Roc
Ben’s Next Porsche
Leave n’ Hide
Brabvo! You managed to fuck everything up!
Bled and Blew
Leave The Nest Cafe
Unsound Policy
Cafe Ass Sort, He
G-SPOT aka Da General's Sto (click)
It’ll Be Pizza (Maybe One Day)
Double Xing
No Sei
Present: No Future
Brabo Plagiarizing Room

And last, but not least...

69NE1 aka Twin Cox

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Summer Additions:

Seed Her
Eatin' Vile
Sue, Shit-Hairy Roe
Retire and Age
Potent Influenza
Xen-Tan (Google it)
Pete's uh-oh Testicle
The Pits Stop
Soul Broke Today, Gee
Paint Me' Shell Bakery
Piss-And-Go Gelato
Faux Joke Brothers
H Street Country Bumpkins
Pho For Teens
Smelly Unknowns
Frat-Hell y la Buffoon

And last, but not least...

Blew (Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom) Ridge

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