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The Fish Market

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I would love to say something nice about the Fish market. After all, I go here once a month for a meeting. Maybe I should say that they have large schooners of beer.....

I recently ordered a Neptune salad, that had shrimp salad (bland, too much mayo, need old bay), fresh lettuce, no so fresh tomato's and onions, and some decent strawberries and cantaloupe. Others order the two soups the each were way over cooked, kinda looked like jello from the amount of thickener used and contained some very tired seafood and clams. Your choice of steamed and fried seafood choice abound, but all pretty lowbrow. I think the tourist trade keeps them in business as one of the few places that can accommodate a large group of people.

hmm... the AOL guide says they have the best crab cakes in the area...but who should listen to AOL?


105 & 107 King Street

Old Town, Alexandria 22314


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A few years ago, a manager there spilled a glass of red wine on me and did not even acknowledge it. When I said - not rudely at all - excuse me, but did you notice that you just spilled a glass of wine on me, he called the cops and had me kicked out (I was informed by the rather nice policeman, not by the manager himself). It was the oddest thing. On my way out, the bartender pulled me aside to tell me that the manager was just an asshole and not to worry about it. I ended up contacting the owner and was told that everyone knew the guy was an asshole but that he had some stake in the place so he couldn't be let go. They sent me a gift certificate, but I did not use it. I will not ever go back; it was the worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant, and I am still sad that I missed most of the post-wedding celebration that I was attending.

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