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Tara Thai, Nick Srisawat's Ubiquitous, Local, Americanized Thai Chain

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Banner posted today across the entrance of what used to be Dahlia: "Coming Soon...Tara Thai."


Since we like Thai food, we are looking forward to a decent Thai restaurant within walking distance.

i'm seeing something of a contradiction in your post, here...

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Had dinner here last summer for the first time in forever.  It was a sad scene.

Did you know that Tara Thai has more locations than any other local Thai restaurant?

Did you know they use "family recipes that have been handed down for generations?"

Did you know Tara Thai was named "Best Thai Restaurant" by "The Washinton Post?"


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To be fair, their Hoi Obb (lemongrass mussels) tend to be excellent.  I have zero idea about authenticity, but they are tasty.  That's where I'd concentrate if co-workers wanted to drag me there.  We tried their newish Herndon location not that long ago and have concluded that, short of being dragged there by other people, there is no reason to visit again.  Nothing was bad as such, but we have a lot of decent to excellent Thai places in Herndon, at a lower price point.

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