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On 12/31/2018 at 12:39 PM, Ericandblueboy said:

Will be back on Open Table on Jan 7, 2019.  I think ditching OT in DC is very short sighted.

I am aware of at least one popular place in the DC suburbs that ditched OT and has been doing excellent.  They saved big on the $1/head for a direct reservation on OT.  At about a $25-35/per customer order that is a big hit.  OTOH I am aware of restaurants local and national that ditched OT and had to go back.   

For many OT became a default source for reservations. 

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3 minutes ago, silentbob said:

This seems as good of a place to post as any...

AMEX is buying Resy

That is good, hopefully that means I can use the Amex Plat concierge to get into more places.  I guess that means the Cap One tables will likely go away...

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