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Michelin: Tokyo vs. Paris

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Japanese Show What It Takes To Dazzle the Culinary Judges

160,000 Restaurants. 191 Michelin Stars. Paris? New York? No, It's Tokyo.

By Blaine Harden

Washington Post Foreign Service

Friday, February 15, 2008; A01

TOKYO -- The Michelin Guide has decreed that Tokyo is the premier city in the world for food ....

It's not just the quality but also the sheer quantity of Tokyo's restaurants that tests the imagination. Michelin counted 160,000 of them, compared with about 20,000 in Paris and 23,000 in New York.

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This was a fascinating article that reminded me of the three blessed weeks I was able to spend in Tokyo a few years ago. It described very well the passionate, samurai-like commitment and sacrifice chefs there are willing to make in the name of craft and technique.

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