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Chatman's D'Vine Bakery - Convention Center - Closed

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The turkey pesto sandwich is meh, the brisket sandwich was pretty good, very tender.

The pecan pie, however, was fantastic. Pecan pie too often just becomes an intense sugar flavor, instead of pecan. While sweet, this pie retained a strong nutty flavor. Sometimes, I find pecans alone a bit offsetting (maybe bitter is the word I'm looking for?). The slice had a strong pecan flavor with noting to complain about, a perfect nuttiness. I might even walk over there right now for another slice.

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I'm not a barbecue sandwich connoisseur like some of the folks on here, but the brisket sandwich I had today at Chatman's really hit the spot. The BBQ sauce seemed a little sweet to me, but it worked and did nothing to overshadow the juicy beef that was mixed with grilled onions. It's worth noting that the sandwich is now on a hamburger bun, not the ciabatta that the WaPo writer had it on.

This was not the reason why I am sure that I will be back there on at least a weekly basis, though. The key lime cheesecake was awesome. Not fancy like some places have been putting out these days, just the kind of cheesecake that my mom, grandma, and aunt made for me growing up. I loved it and will work in at least a couple pieces in a month on my walk home. The only tough thing will be not ordering that and trying some of the outstanding looking carrot cupcakes and bread pudding that were in the front display.

All of this was made that much better by the fact that Debra Chatman, the owner and only person working in the store today, is a delightful person. She was fairly busy when I was in at lunch, but she made a point to greet everyone and ask them just how they liked everything they ordered so she could accommodate them. Go out and support this lovely woman, the Shaw neighborhood is a better place with her and her bakery in it.

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Stopped by with a friend for lunch yesterday. I had the "Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich," grilled American cheese with tomato, bacon, and onion on Texas toast, which was good, if nothing special. It came with a bag of Utz chips and my choice of a can soda or bottled water, all for a little over seven bucks (a bit high for what I got, IMO). My friend had the turkey sandwich on wheat with a side of potato salad, which she enjoyed. For dessert, I had a lemon cupcake ($2.75) and she had a slice of sweet potato pie ($3.58). The cupcake was iced to order which I appreciated -- no hard, dry icing -- and was pleasantly moist with a nice lemon flavor. My friend enjoyed her pie, which looked to have a graham cracker crust. Overall, I think we both found the baked goods more appealing than our mains.

The place was nearly dead; only a couple of other customers came in for carryout during the nearly two hours we were there. They were also out of a number of items, like the BBQ brisket, and the only two pies available were the sweet potato and pecan. Strawberry bread pudding looked good, and they had a nice selection of cupcakes and a couple types of cookies, but none of the cheesecakes were evident.

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