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Mazu, Pan-Asian Lounge Downtown - Closed

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Mazu has a terrific happy hour. House wine, (seems like all) beer, and mixed drinks are half price. The offer dollar yakitori (sp?) and 5$ spicy tuna, salmon, and one other roll. On Friday I enjoyed yakitori shrimp, scallops, asparagus, chicken, as well as edamame (generous for $5) and a spicy tuna roll.

My only complains are these: The red wine is served a little too warm for my taste and my scallop was gritty.

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Thanks to this piece, I see that Mazu is closed, and is now part of an expanded Sushi Aoi (owned by the same gentleman who owns Noodles on 11).

(FWIW, I haven't to Sushi Aoi in years, but I remember back when Kotobuki first opened, Sushi Aoi had dollar happy-hour sushi - I went to both restaurants on consecutive nights, and remember having a strong preference Sushi Aoi's sushi rice. Obviously this is a minor data point, but it also reminds me that I'm long overdue there.)



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