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Baileys Irish Cream


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Bailey's Banana Colada


3 oz. Pina Colada Mix

1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream

1 Banana

1 oz. Banana Liqueur

1 oz. Rum (Preferably Dark Rum)


Put banana and liqueur into blender until it is a thick paste. Add Bailey's Irish cream, pina colada mix and rum. Blend well then add 1 cup of ice and blend again until smooth.

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I dopn't care for the drink, but I do find the phrase "Slippery Nipple" thought-provoking. Another excellent use for Bailey's -- popular during my bar days in the early 80's -- is pouring into an attractive navel and slurping it out. It would be wrong for me to suggest chilling it and giving it, straight up, to attractive college sophomores in shooter form, so I won't.

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