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Silva's Patisserie


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Last night I went to Jammin Java to catch show. As I pulled into the lot I noticed something new (to me)... a sign for Silva's Patisserie. Though it was 8ish, the bakery was warm and inviting. I had to go in, and for the team I took a (delicious) hit.

Wow! This place is great. It is a family owned and operated operation, a 4 generation baking family. The 4th generation most recently was pastry chef at the Kennedy Center.

The cases were brimming with a wide variety of goods, from chocolate chip cookies to miniature rum cakes. Everybody on donrockwell.com should go and try something. I am excited to have something (close) to the bakeries I knew as a child not to far away.


167 Glyndon St. SE

Vienna VA 22180

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We were there a couple of times shortly after they opened and have had mostly positive results. Their challah bread is really good. Saturday afternoon's they sell their "day-old" challah at a reduced price, which makes terrific french toast. Rye bread is good as well; however, both times that I have gotten it the loaves were small. Scones are tasty, while the macaroons are hit-or-miss. Sometimes they are soft and chewy, othertimes they can be bricks. The staff is extremely friendly and are quick to give out samples. It has been awhile since I have been there, and I was actually thinking of stopping by this evening. Thanks for starting the thread!

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