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Chicken Liver Pate


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Chicken liver pate that I dream about to the extent that today I a) considered buying a can of liver pate in the canned food aisle at whole foods and B considered making Richard's chicken faux gras. Why would I do that when I can go out to get it without seeing the sticks of butter and vats of heavy cream?


I'm not sure how much they charge for faux gras at Central, but it is very easy to make, and free-range chicken livers are the cheapest thing you can buy at Eco-Friendly. The full recipe, made with a pound of chicken livers, ends up being a HUGE amount--4 or 5 substantial ramekins worth. Unless you are having a party, it is way more than two people can eat in 3-4 days. I recommend making half a recipe. It ends up being really cheap. And it is SO delicious.

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