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Also went to Evvia in Palo Alto for dinner. Sat at the bar and had some gigantes, a lamb chop, artichokes, wine and a dessert. Good food, nice bartender, expensive at $100 for one person. 

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I did a week-long trip to SF entirely for eating purposes with a focus on hitting a bunch of the notable tasting menus.  Ate at Manresa, Quince, Californios, and Benu.  Some general observations / thoughts as someone visiting from DC.

  • The produce to me really stands out compared to the east coast.
  • I felt like I better understand when people talk about a disparity between US versus Europe in terms of what Michelin stars mean because I definitely felt something similar just comparing SF to DC (and even a lot of the food I've had in NY).  All 3 of the 3 stars completely outclassed Inn at Little Washington and the two star (Californios) I thought was better than any of the DC tasting menus.
  • I'm not sure I could've more thoroughly enjoyed myself.

All of those meals were very expensive - one thing I'd be interested to see if have some of the more wine knowledgeable people weight in on how much the wine pairings (which I did at every place listed above) is worth the value.  *As a non expert I thought they all featured some incredible wines but I certainly don't know enough to comment on value in this case.

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These are photos from last week

I haven't been posting as much but will soon rectify that hopefully


Baked bread (fresh out of the oven), chickpea-carrot spread.

Great vegan option.


Orange wine from Greece

(wine made from oranges, apparently)


Curried roasted golden beet, carrot, apple and chicory salad with walnuts.

Terrific balance of sweet, tart and bitter throughout. The kitchen loves mustard and while there was a light touch in the vinaigrette, this ingredient also showed up in the porkchop B ordered.


Cumin scented English pea pancakes with carrot, pistachio, feta, arugula and mint.

Someone in the kitchen knows how to fry. The pancakes were feather light, crisp on the outside with the freshness and sweetness of the peas shining through


Rosemary-nated pork chop with roasted potatoes, artichokes, green beans, mustard seeds and fava salsa verde.

Moist, well-seasoned and just perfect. Would recommend on this plate alone


Fried Mary’s chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw and buttermilk biscuit.

Chicken was moist and juicy; breading a touch oversalted. Coleslaw was average (faint sweetness, not enough acidity) but that's ok because I'm difficult to please in that department. Otherwise, a very good plate of food. Would order again.


Bartlett pear sorbet.

Intense fruit flavor in 3-4 bites. Sometimes that's all you need to end a meal


Chocolate-hazelnut crepes, roasted banana ice cream, salted caramel sauce, candied hazelnuts.

We had a really nice time here and can't wait to return.

4288 24th Street (Douglass Street)
Noe Valley

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