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Orange Cauliflower

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How much longer is Mt. P's market open? They usually close sometime in November.

Looks like you'll have to start joining me at New Morning :) This morning they had 4 different types of cauliflower: regular 'ole white, purple, orange, and a lime green whose shape defies description. I'm told it has a nuttier, grassier flavor that regular cauliflower.

i was told at the dupont market yesterday by a shopper that the cheesy orange cauliflower is inedible and just for decoration? what is it?

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To save space I'll refer back to recent posts rather than offer complete citations:


The white color of cauliflower is produced by tying the leaves of the plant over the head of florets so it blanches due to lack of direct sunlight. Otherwise, your garden-variety supermarket cauliflower would be green, most likely; broccoli is a close relative. Orange is less common than purple, the latter color very common in Sicily and absolutely lovely when roasted or sautéed without lots of moisture. Unlike those purple stringbeans or bell peppers that turn green when steamed or fried, the rich color remains. If steamed or boiled, the color becomes a ghostly shade of lavendar, streaked with pale green.

Click here: Travel Diary for gorgeous photographs of a market place in Sicily and scroll all the way down past the fishmongers, butchers and artichokes to the cauliflower.


Are Eastern Market and FARMFRESH at Dupont Circle on Sundays the only area markets open during winter months?

Please note that New Morning (a favorite) will be coming to Dupont Circle for the very last time tomorrow, November 18. I confess that as a volunteer, I stopped showing up after Thanksgiving myself last year so I don't know how many do and do not hang around. However, winter hours do not begin until January: 10-1 am instead of 9-1.


It was one of the grabbiest events I've witnessed and Olsson's under-estimated potential sales of the chef's new cookbook, selling out quickly to the fans of Maestro who gathered there. The risotto was distinctive since Le Marche's simple cinnamon-lemon flavor is unusual outside of that region. Otherwise, I'd say pedagogical value superseded the wow factor. It would be a good, light first course with unexpected flavors to introduce a dish with a complementary sweet element.

The chestnut soup flavored with mushrooms, pancetta, celery root, shallots, cognac and lots and lots of butter and cream (well, half & half) was outstanding, really one of the best first-course soups I've ever had. I am making it for Thanksgiving, in fact.

I am linking the market site prematurely, to the page for recipe searching, though it's not there yet. I will speak to Bernie & Ann to make sure it's added, though I'd imagine you can find an online source via google.

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