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Capital Q, Verizon Center - Owner Nick Fontana on 7th and H Street - Closed

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Anybody tried Capital Q? Recommendations or warnings?


tender but flavorless ribs, dry brisket and they serve fried rice for christsakes....I know it's a function of location but still...fried rice!?!

eta: I actually had some decent ribs and sausage from Old Glory the other night (not my first choice, but my first choice is 500 miles away). I got them dry and they were well seasoned, tender, good smoke and just darn tasty.

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I eat there fairly often since its close to my place. I like their brisket quite a bit. I'd say probably the best you can get in DC proper. It has always been tender but sometimes dry. Their smoked turkey is pretty good as well. Honestly have never tried the ribs since they have never really looked that great to me. Their sides vary. The baked beans are good but their potato salad isn't that great.

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I stuck my nose inside this joint a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the fragant scent of roasting meats. The line, however, was much too long for me to wait. I quickly fled and ate a meal at (probably) an inferior establishment. I am going to wait in line later this week and sample the real thing before it goes away.

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