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Stonefish Grill

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Neither my wife or I wanted to cook last night so we decided to try the Stonefish Grill in Rockville Town Center. It is located right across from Bobby's Crabcakes. Because there is a lack of true seafood restaurants in Rockville, I was hoping that this could enter our rotation.

The restaurant was empty at 7:30pm on a Tuesday night, one other table and two patrons at the bar. It had a very stark decor, tiled floors, dark wood tables and booths, chrome and cheezy fake fish on the walls. It was also very cold, my wife actually put her coat back on.

We were greeted warmly however, and our server Alex, was very friendly and efficient about telling us about the specials.

I started with a cup of the Maryland crab soup. Not bad, but nothing special. My wife ordered the house salad. I would think that a restaurant would not put pale, tastless wedges of tomato on a salad, but there they were. Again, an ok salad but nothing out of the ordinary.

My wife ordered the BBQ Salmon, described as "Lightly blackened and topped with our signature BBQ sauce, crispy onion strings and scallions." Actually it came with three pretty good onion rings, very good mashed potatos, and mixed vegs., too many carrots, but nice, crisp green beans. The fish was cooked properly and very tasty (or so she said, I don't particularly like salmon unless it is lox or smoked) but she didn't know what was so special about the BBQ sauce. She did like the dish however.

I ordered the Fried Fisherman Platter, 2 scallops, 3 shrimp, cod and 4 large clam strips. It was served with some excellent fries, and cole slaw that was unfortunately just dressed with mayo and had no bite to it at all. The clam strips were good, if a little overbreaded for my taste, the scallops very good, and the cod excellent. Shrimp were, well, fried shrimp. The tartar sauce that was served on the side was pretty good, but the cocktail sauce could have used more horseradish. I washed it down with a glass of a very forgetable Pinot Grigio. (It is interesting to note that Bobby's across the street has a small selection of wines, but every one of them is better than what was offered at Stonefish.) We decided against dessert because the size of the entrees was enought to fill us up. Service was attentive, but Alex should have removed the soup and salad plates when we were finished, not when he brought the entrees. It isn't like they were slammed for time.

Dinner, with tax and a good tip ran about $70. Bottom line, not horrible, but I'm not adding it to the rotation. If I am really in the mood for seafood, and am in the area, I might go again, but I won't search it out.

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