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Where in the area would you say is the best place to find quality Moroccan food, where they pay attention to the food and not the entertainment? I'd be curious not only for what has the best food, but also which restaurant is the best value, too.

(Bonus question only for those who answer the question above: (I gotta keep the thread on focus, right?) What is it about Moroccan restaurants that they HAVE to have belly dancing? I mean, aside from the occasional flamenco at a Spanish place, you never see mariachi bands at every Mexican joint, kabuki theater at sushi bars or wandering Marcel Marceau types working the floor at French restaurants?)


[The following posts have been split into separate threads:

Marrakesh (DanielK)
Taste of Morocco (wineitup)

Zeitoon (Pat)

Marrakesh Palace (MarkSlater)]

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We had one fantastic meal in Marrakesh, Morocco. We arrived early, were served drinks. We didn't know there is only one sitting a night so we waited and waited. Finally everyone arrived and we were escorted to the beautiful dining room. We stuffed ourselves silly and we didn't even stay for the belly dancing, which probably didn't start until midnight. I haven't had Moroccan in DC....pretty sure nothing is going to measure up to the meal we had in Marrakesh....so is it even worth trying?

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Need recommendations for Moroccan and Persian food in the DMV.

Yes, I realize these are two separate cuisines...I am not confusing the two as the same or similar.  Just trying to consolidate my request.  I also realize that most of the recommendations will probably not be in DC proper, that's okay. 

Thanks in advance!

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I've eaten at a couple of places in this area that serve "Moroccan" food.  I have not been happy with any of them.  If by chance you do find a good Moroccan restaurant I would love to hear about it

Likewise for Moroccan - there used to be some "decent" places, but if there are now, they're buried somewhere out in the suburbs, and I haven't found them.

Persian, head to Amoo's in McLean. Two years ago, I would have said Rose's in Vienna, but my last two visits there were underwhelming to say the least. Just to clarify, I'm not recommending Amoo's because we're hosting a dinner; we're hosting a dinner because I'm recommending Amoo's, and want to shed some light on them - I've been there at least a dozen times (it's a carryout staple), and I'll probably go a dozen more in 2014.

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Thanks Don! I felt the same about Moroccan, glad to hear some validation.  Will definitely try to check-out Amoo's HOK!!!

I'd love to find a good Chicken Bastilla in this area - I remember the first time I ever had the dish was using an Entertainment coupon at Marrakesh, and even though I'm sure it wasn't very good (I was in my mid-20s, and didn't know any better), I was still pretty enchanted with it.

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