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Happy Third Anniversary


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Three years and a little more than a month ago Don and I took a walk on a beautiful spring day. We talked about his starting a new website since our old home was changing. We talked about whether or not it was a worthwhile venture. I promise you, neither of us thought that three years later we would be over 2,000 members strong and a culinary force in the DC community.

Congratulation Don! You achieved your goal and then some. I know that four and a half years ago this was not where you had planned to be, but I for one am glad that this is where you ended up. Lives have been changed, people have fallen in love, and friendships have been made because of you and this board. Many of us live different, better lives because of you, and not just at the dinner table.

I raise my glass to you, my friend. Dr.com has grown beyond what we could have imagined that day on our walk and many lives are changed for the better. Congratulations on our 3rd anniversary.

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Don once said that this site is all about the people. I could not agree more, when I raise a glass this evening in honor of dr.com I shall do so with reflections of all of the friendships I have made through this board.

If you're out tonight and here me toasting "to rocks," come over my way - you'll all be welcome to my scotch.

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Hearing kind comments like these is the only thing that keeps me going, and it doesn't happen as often as you might think. I have quite a few thoughts which I'll post this week when I get a chance to write them properly.

But for now my overriding thought is that I've merely provided a plot of land, a garden, where 2,294 flowers have bloomed on their own. I really haven't "done" anything other than surround myself with good people and stay organized (please buy your forum hosts a drink when you see them).

And it's more appropriate for me to thank you guys, than the other way around. THANK YOU EVERYONE!



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I really have to agree - It is all about the fun, food and people.

Thanks Don and everyone who has helped out behind the scenes to make this the great community that it is.

To Rocks!

There are some great people behind these blue walls and avatars. Cheers, and congrats to Don for keeping it up.
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