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Wild Things: Road Trip to Ramp Country, W VA

Anna Blume

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Chicago Sun Times on RampsI know a place in Sheperdstown WV where you can find them growing wild. I'd like to organize an expedition of 8 or 10 people to go up there Saturday morning, pick 100 lbs of them, head back to DC, sell it all off for $3,000+, then hit Citronelle for dinner with our loot.

Who's in?

Let's go! If I find any morels, though, I'm not sharing...
Road Trip!

I'm going to keep one eye on the ramps and one eye on Zora.

An one eye out for a little 'shine.

I'll drive!!!!!
Shall we gather at the river?

I'm working and contemplating why this night is different than other nights on Saturday. Off Sunday. What wine goes with ramps, Mr. Slater, and whose kitchens do we contact once we have our bounty?

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I'll tell ya'll where I've seen them before, however, past performance is not an indication of future results. It's been a couple of years. I suggest going on a Sunday since they have a little farmer's market behind the library in "downtown" Shepherdstown.

Know where the Yellow Brick Bank Restaurant is? Well, start there and walk down Princess Street towards the river. When you get to the dead end, walk to the right along the river bank. I saw tons of them sprouting up all over the place back there.

Good luck, and I expect a 10% cut!

Al "Wild Leak" Dente

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