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Bistrot Lafayette, Old Town Alexandria - Chef Keo Koumtakous on King and Henry Street - Closed

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Well I stumbled upon an interesting little place last night. Bistot Lafayette has a piano bar advertised on it's web site, and I will out myself as a total middle aged dork, I loved the one on the last cruise we did, so I was kind of hoping to find something similar. We didn't actually eat, as we got there a bit late, but we had a very nice cheese plate and some coffee drinks, as it was damp and chilly out. At first glance I thoght the coffee drinks were going to be typical overpriced brown swill but they were actually very good and I'd do them again. In fact, I plan to lure my husband down there soon, to go to dinner in the restaurant on the ground level, it smelled delectable in there, and the attention paid to a simple cheese plate was very nice which I hope bodes well of the rest of the food.

The piano bar was a very convivial group of enthusiasts who are apparently regulars, and they each have their own "set pieces" which they like to showcase. Some of them do duets and arrangements which have obviously undergone much rehersal and time. I happen to know the second part to A Chorus Line's "One"...(see, I told you I'm SuperDork!) and I was immediately feted and made much of by the group, who encouraged us (my friend and I, he is a fabulous tenor who would NOT get up and sing... tongue.gif ) to come back. I will warn you that it was still the 1940's in these peoples' musical little hearts. I would have been happier with something more along my own generation and there was some brief hope when a brash young thing strutted in and did a passible Andrew Lloyd Webber, totally upsetting the de-lovely apple cart, but it was dashed when he left. tongue.gif

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