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Crossroads Market, Takoma Park

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From Bruce Williams, a Takoma Park City Councilmember:

"The Crossroads Farmers Market will be opening for its first season this coming Wednesday, June 8. The market - located at 7676 New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park - will be open every Wednesday through November 14 from 3:00 to 7:00 pm and will offer a variety of locally grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, fresh baked goods and ethnic foods. The Grand Opening celebration is planned for Wednesday, June 20 with the ribbon cutting scheduled for 6:00pm."

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The Washington Post food section has a long article about the new Crossroads market in Takoma Park.

I'm sure most DR members automatically read the food section on Wednesdays. However, to make sure you read it, I'll mention that the market reflects a national effort to "diversify" the farmers market.

When Galway Kinnell was young, active in Civil Rights and passionate about Biblical allusions, he published "The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World" (1960) about immigrants and what must have seemed exotic to him at the time:

In the pushcart market, on Sunday,

A crate of lemons discharges light like a battery.

Icicle-shaped carrots that through the black soil

Wove away like flames in the sun.

Onions with their shirts ripped seek sunlight

On green skins. The sun beats

On beets dirty as boulders in cowfields,

On turnips pinched and gibbous

From budging rocks...

With the current upsurge of urban farmers markets, demographic trends are subject to critique, in part because the average patron seems to have altered dramatically over the past 4-5 decades. While the recent case of San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market may be most familiar, the local scene receives scrutiny, too.

Here is a link to an overview on the national effort of The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) which seeks to effect change in the kinds of producers and foods present at markets across the country in the hope of broadening their appeal to new patrons.

And here is the Web site of Takoma Park's Market that leads directly to further information about Crossroads, a market that caters to immigrant populations in the community. N.B. Please attend to the first banner and link on the Web site, too, if you are a patron of local farmers markets.

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I am very thankful that this market is open until 2pm on Sundays. With little man's Chinese school schedule (9:30am-12:30pm) wrecking havoc on backup FM food shopping + winter FM hours, I was getting grumpy. Yay for this little market!!

I hope I am not misremembering, but it's now on Carroll Avenue, near the Takoma Metro Center Post Office. I like that the familiar vendors are there: Atwater, Keswick, Toigo, Twin Springs, Black Orchard and a few I forgot, but no milk dairy vendors.

Came home with lots of yummy apples from Twin Springs today.

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