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Food and Wine Festival at National Harbor

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Was there a thread on this that I missed?


Does anyone have any insight that they'd like to share?

I just discovered it, so I'm still investigating. I'm wondering if you need to buy a festival pass if you just plan to walk around, or if you need a pass if you just want to go to the clambake.

I'll post back if I find anything out.

Oh, and this event will benefit Share Our Strength.

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OK, I've received further intelligence on the Festival:

You cannot purchase a clambake ticket without a festival ticket. In other words, you have to spend $114.50 ($65 general admission + $49.50 clambake ticket) to participate in the clambake.

Additionally, you have to do both on the same day.

You also need a ticket to get onto the premises. They do have a non-alcoholic admission for $50.

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