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Chinatown Cafe, Chinatown

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This recently published article in The Sun discusses the fall of Baltimore's Chinatown, and an attempt to revitalize it by Tony Cheng the owner of the Mongolian and Seafood places in Washington DC. And points to the interesting fact, that the found of Republic of China (not the Communist one), Sun Yat-Sen lived in Baltimore at one point. There's still a decent Chinese place on Park Ave., but the name escapes me right now.

It's called. . .wait for it. . the Chinatown Cafe- it's ok- some so-so dim sum. My dad showed me where Sun Yat-Sen stayed one day. He and his brother used to hang around that area when he just moved to the US in the late 60's.

A new Chinatown would be cool, but because of the crappy city schools, all the Chinese moved out of the city years back.

Chinese run sushi places like Matsuri do better in the city I think.

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