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Advice Wanted: Lunch at Metro Center...


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I knew the DC restaurant scene pretty well when I worked here 2 years ago and I've tried to keep up, but I'm sure I'm missing updates. I am back for the summer under pleasant circumstances: I can be invited to lunch just about daily!

Two catches, though: lunch must be fairly close to Metro Center and the budget is $25 pp total (sadly that's not so easy to pull off at good restaurants downtown).

Since I trust the folks at DR, I'd love to hear people's suggestions, which I'll use to amend my Google Map-enhanced list.


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Oyamel. That was my best jury duty lunch. I like the soups (particularly the black bean and the chicken soup with cilantro, a little rice, avocado, etc.) and with a taco or two, you're still under the price limit you mentioned above.

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