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St. Katherine Greek Festival


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I was there last year - the food is good and it's a nice festival. It's not huge, but there's music, dancing, various items for sale. I brought dolmades from the festival to last year's spring picnic and they were devoured :lol: The loukamades (Greek doughnuts) are delicious and made fresh. Plan to go and hang out for a while, both inside and out - the people watching is great and it's just a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. Late afternoon/early evening is a good time to catch music and dancing.

Details here.

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Went last year as well and after the huge-ass line for St. Sophia's this year, I can safely say that the calculus of excellent food and a smaller turnout at St. Katherine's might be the better bet. I will also vouch for the loukamades, especially seasoned by the grandmother-types who keep dumping on the honey even after you've made a face that says "for the love of god I can not possibly deal with that much honey."

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