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Grevey's (1979-2016) Sports Bar in Merrifield - Owned by Former Washington Bullet Kevin Grevey - Closed Dec 11, 2016

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'treznor said:

I don't think it's necessarily something to go out of the way for, unless you are craving one of the things that Jamie is one of the only to do, like the beef on weck

Actually, Grevey's in Merrifield does a passable job with their Beef-on-Weck (from what I remember; been awhile since I've had it). Apparently, the salted Kummelweck roll is what differentiates it from the standard roast beef sandwich.

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Yeah, but you know, where do you drink at 1:30 AM on a Sunday in Merrifield?

Answer: Grevey's.

I'm working on the Dining Guide, and just called to see if they were still open (as in, "not out of business") and the guy who answered the phone (against a noisy background) said that last call was in six minutes.

I thought I wrote this about Kevin Grevey before, but since it's not in this thread, I'll write it again:

His jersey is retired by the University of Kentucky.

He was the starting shooting guard for the Washington Bullets the season when they won their ONLY championship, averaging 15.5 points per game.

Why do I care?

Because I used to be on the Board of Directors of "Zest," a charity that took children and families living in DC government-subsidized housing on outings (hiking the Appalachian Trail, etc.), and we called on Kevin Grevey to help us raise funds by playing in a charity basketball game. You know what?

He said yes.

He showed up, along with Phil Chenier, thanks to the gracious efforts of Johnny Holliday, who recruited them and announced the game in a beat-up high-school gym - it was the faculty versus the all-stars. (Guess who won? :angry:)

I will never forget that Kevin Grevey took an entire evening out of his life to play in this event.

And, while I'm on the subject, this is no different than members of this website taking an entire evening out of their lives to work on Daniel's DC Central Kitchen Night, Thursday, December 17th. at 5 PM. Yep, everyone here who volunteers for DC Central Kitchen has residual karma coming their way in the future. The stuff builds up, you know. If you volunteer for this event, you're easily able to cut someone off, flip them the finger, throw a cigarette butt out your window (don't do that, ever), or maybe just watch TV in your La-Z-Boy, with your favorite drink, luxuriating in knowing that you're a kind, goodhearted person.

Okay, I have to say the rum I'm drinking isn't all that good - yet, it's plentiful. How in the hell did I find myself writing a long post on the Grevey's thread at 1:30 in the morning? Long-distance phone call coming into Don from his brain ... can't answer because if I pull my fingers out from my ears, a marble will roll out.



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Wow...I never thought I'd see Grevey's on the DR board, so this is a really nice surprise. I've spent many an evening there, when my cable would not pick up my beloved Wildcats. Any time there's a Kentucky game, the place will be packed with DC area Kentucky fans. I saw Kevin Grevey play in college and followed him when he played for the Boulez....long before moving here. Grevey's is first and foremost a sports bar, at least for this poster....and the bar food is better than average.

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Now this has been a terrific sports bar for many a decade; an excellent sports bar.  Have no recollections as to the quality of the food.  I suppose the burgers were fine.  Possibly I ate 60-100 (giving some sense as to how many times I was there (dividing by 3 or so b/c in many cases there was no food consumed).

I'm not current on this aspect, but this place absolutely rocked for all sorts of U of Kentucky games (basketball and football).  I bet it still does.  Oh those poor U of Kentucky fans.  Where are they going to go....some Dukie bar???

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