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Notti Bianche - 3 stars but still need staff


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DC’s newest three star restaurant needs servers, bartenders, a host and an Assistant Manager. Notti Bianche is a charming, fun, upscale restaurant in Foggy Bottom and we just received 3-stars from the Washington Post. We are seeking similarly fun, intelligent, and charismatic staff. Experience is preferred but passion is essential. If you enjoy good food, good wine, but good company most of all, we want to meet with you.

Seeking bartenders and servers for a few shifts a week and hosts for Thursday through Saturday evening. Looking for people with an eye for detail, an ear for dialogue and the desire to learn more - not necessarily people with years of industry experience. Management believes that training staff and providing the tools for success is vital. Expectations are high, and we are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence. We also do a good job of pursuing a good time.

Drop us a line and let us know if you are seeking a position as a bartender, server or host although these are not necessarily mutually exclusive - someone who could be all three, although not at the same time of course, would be great.

Finding good managers is akin to trying to catch lightning in a bottle, but that doesn't stop me from trying. This would be an excellent opportunity for a current server or bartender to make the jump into management, or even for someone looking for career change. this is not a zero responsibility paper tiger position. there will be significant operational responsibilities.

Send me an email, or a pm. Please attach your resume but, most importantly, tell me about yourself.

Even better, tell me a story.

edited to add:

p.s. if you refer someone for the manager job, the referal bonus is dinner for two (four courses with wine pairing) if your candidate is offered and accepts the position.

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