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Q Tonic Water

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Scroll down to the last few posts, starting with #28. ;) Maybe the moderator will assist us here.

You know something? I did a search on the board here for Q Tonic and it came up with nothing. I was certain that there had been some discussion involving this, but damn this Invision Powerboard and it's sucky search system :lol:

Okay. Either we can scuttle this thread in it's entirety or just create the Tonic thread, as you suggested, or merge this into the Gin thread.

It matters to me not a whit as long as we can find related information to the subject.

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What's the opinion of those that have had both Fever Tree and Q Tonic? I definitely didn't mind paying Joe the big bucks for the Fever Tree.

I like 'em both, but they are different. The Q is more flavorful. But like TMFIII I need to do a side by side to be sure.

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