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Tropical Island Coffee and Cafe, Jamaican Cafe and Coffeehouse in Winchester

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Just saw this article in The Winchester Star about a new place of interest in my old hometown....

"The Tropical Island Coffee and Cafe features Blue Mountain coffees, Jamaican cuisine, and an owner who runs his business on traditional 'island time'

Island Getaway
by Mary Huntsberry

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This place is awesome.  I've eaten here twice, both times after an exhausting day spent outdoors, which means my recollections are fuzzy and I can't describe it well (but I'm hoping if I bump this thread to page 1 someone else* will pick up my slack and write something better).  It looks like a dive, with just a few tables and a counter, and generous portions and friendly staff.  The jerk chicken has a great searing heat at first bite, but it doesn't last, which is a good thing because you can then taste the spice and the meat.  The macaroni and cheese has some secret ingredient that our waitress teased us about: "can you tell what's in it? no?" ha ha ha... but it sure tastes great.  Maybe I don't want to know.

Also the owners get ice cream from Cal of York Castle.

Certainly not the best restaurant in Winchester, but possibly my favorite, because sometimes all you want is a big plate of hot chow before heading back to your motel to pass out.


ps they own another resto on US 50 just east of I-81; can't recall its name

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