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Pollos Inka, Pines Shopping Center in Herndon

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I have to start by saying I ordered from here and though we were a bit further than normal delivery, they delivered!

The food was scrumptious (peep at this menu! but you may need help with translations on the site) http://www.pollosinka.com/menu.htm

I ordered the Papa A La Huancaina - potatoes with a cheese/cream sauce that was a tiny bit spicy and delicious.

The Salvadoran or Peruvian Tamal - I forget but it was a nice mix of like a cornmeal/beans/meat within a nice big leaf. Moist and juicy deliciousness...YUM!

For hubby I ordered: Camarones encebollados it was a seafood mixed with garlic and very tasty and so good.

and for me I ordered: Bisteck a lo pobre - it was a steak with 2 fried eggs over the top - it was grilled nicely. Somehow I thought they'd incorporate the egg and not put it over the top but I gave one egg to hubby not being a fried egg fan.

They gave us some white beans in a sauce for the side that made me say MMmmmm too TOO much.

I ordered 2 sides of plantanos - fried plantains for us to munch on... they were carmelized to perfection.

If you want great food and are near Herndon, Reston, Sterling or Great Falls this is pretty close by and a hop off of 7100.

The owner was patient and accomodating for my lack of proper pronounciation of some of the words but he guided me through the process and the food came to the house delicious, hot, fresh and with a big smile from the driver. We will be ordering from them again or going there since it's across the street from Angeethi our other big favorite in the area.

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