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The Wharf

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Well, I never thought that I would comment on dining at The Wharf, let alone start a thread about it. Mr. MV and I took my mom there last night for dinner. It's right up her alley for seafood, and it didn't suck. In fact, I have to share my new find for fantastic lump crab cakes. Two large, all-lump broiled cakes came with a choice of potato for $26.95. They were absolutely sweet and delicious, with just enough binder to keep them together. I also ordered a side of spinach with parm (it also had chopped tomatoes) which was fresh, and cooked and seasoned perfectly-- was enough for 2 to share.

Mom and I ordered the she-crab soup which had a healthy dose of sherry (I love booze in food). It couldn't give Charleston SC a run for the money, but it was spicy and enjoyable.

Another positive were the daily specials, recited by our server-the prices were in line with the regular menu. Shocking! :lol:


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