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Jonathan's Gourmet Deli, Downtown

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Yesterday while on a trip to BJ Pumpernickel's I spotted Yogiberry in the Olney Town Center. I was too stuffed with deli to give it a try, but from the following thread, it looks like the new tangy frozen yogurt trend has spread to northern MoCo: http://www.yelp.com/biz/yogiberry-olney

That's good to know, for the next time I'm up in that neck of the woods.

FWIW, Jonathan's on 19th st. downtown has acquired a TCBY machine. It's not the new trendy tangy yogurt, but it is non-fat and pretty tasty and nice to have just around the corner. Only choices are vanilla, choc or swirled, but the cost is a refreshing $2.99, including sprinkles. :lol: I've had it three times now, with only one time being a disappointment. (it was a bit icy and not as flavorful.)

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