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Yo Fruit, Little River Turnpike in Annandale - Closed

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Drove past this place on my way for lunch at Pho Hot, and couldn't resist trying it out for dessert. From the little Googling I did on this place, it also appears to be another chain. Seems to be the "Summer of the FroYo battle wars."

The interior is flowy and modern, with a wave of lights that change colors on the ceiling, bubble-modern chairs (in bright orange, yellow and shiny black) and wave-like tables; plus a glass waterfall in the back. Between Tangysweet, Mr. Yogato, and this place's interior, it's not as bubbly as Mr. Yogato, but much brighter and more airy (open space) than Tangysweet.

Of the 3 top ones in this area (having never tried Sweetgreen in G'town), this appears a bit pricier, if I recall the prices right. The two sizes that I remember are single and double, and they have a larger one. The flavors for today were Plain, Green Tea and Mango. A single plain is $3.99, but a single flavor is $4.99. Toppings are $0.99 with a wide variety to choose from, including mochi.

They also have shaved ice (Bingsu)and other assorted desserts, such as a Profiterole White or tarts and cakes.

I had a single-size Green Tea (the Plain machine was broken) with mochi topping, which brought my total to $5.99. The portion is definitely generous, piled pretty high for a smallish cup. It was a good tarty flavor, but not enough matcha flavor for me. Unfortunately, I had some stale mochi mixed in, so the topping wasn't as good. My friend had the mango, which she liked, having enough mango flavor with the yogurt-tartness.

I think I would go back, if I was in the area. Need to try their plain flavor next time for comparison to the others.

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No matter how bad of a mood you're in, if you go to Yo Fruit, order a Red Bean Bingsu ($5.99 for a minibingsu), and eat it in the store, you'll walk out with a huge smile on your face. Imagine a cross between Jackie's, LeftBank, Leopold Konditorei, The Jetsons (with Korean subtitles), and TCBY, and you'll have Yo Fruit. The minibingsu is anything but mini (I can't imagine how large the next two sizes up must be); it's a deceptively large tub of shaved ice, plain yogurt, and a riot of colorful fruit, all rooted by a bit of red bean - mash it all together, and you'll have one of the most fun desserts you've had in a long time - despite it's size, it's not even that filling, and can be enjoyed relatively free of guilt.

A Small Plain Yogurt ($3.99, $1.00 for three toppings (M&Ms, Oreos, coconut)) seemed downright stodgy in comparison, but the yogurt itself is as tangy and interesting as the yogurt at Tangysweet.

Yo Fruit is a little pocket of joy - it's my favorite place for fro-yo in the area right now.



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