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Butterscotch-Dipped Ice Cream

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I've been challenged by a recent transplant who swears there is no place to get a butterscotch dip in the DC-area.

She's looking for a plain old scoop of vanilla on a cone, dipped in the butterscotch stuff that hardens on top. A trip to a local Carvel found a chocolate dip available, but no butterscotch.

So lay it one me, ice cream fans - is this hunt a lost cause?

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As far as I can remember, Dairy Queen does a butterscotch dip. I have not been in a few weeks, but I am almost positive that butterscotch is one of their toppings/options for a dipped cone.
I know the last time I hit up a DQ you could choose between a Chocolate, a Red (Cherry?), and a Yellow/Butterscotch dip. Ahh...yellow partially hydrogenated coconut oil...the miracle of Magic Shell.
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