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Uptown Brick Oven Pizza, Italian and Wood-Burning Oven Pizza in Herndon VA - Closed

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We had a delicious supper at Uptown in the K-mart plaza yesterday!
This place is very unique and different for a pizza place which has a fancy ordering computer where you touch the screen to select what you want and what quantity or type. No "sit down style" waitress/waiter service when we were there. You order and they bring the food to your table and you get your own utensils, papergoods and drinks. We just wanted a quick supper
We shared the New Yorker Pizza Medium (and took some home)
I ordered Lobster Ravioli, hubby spaghetti and meatballs and we both ordered cannoli's for dessert.

The pizza was very tasty and made almost to "bronx or NY perfection" and the cannolis were the best I've had since 1978 with an exception being a small place on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx in a real "Italian bakery".
The food overall was not disappointing considering it is in a strip mall and more of a help yourself restaurant... and it was very empty but nice and clean and had alot of black and white photo's scattered throughout.
It is very unique and definitely worth the trip. I've heard that if they were in DC they would be on par with 2 Amys.
The lowdown information:
Uptown Brick Oven Pizza
470 Elden St
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 230-0005
Bring an appetite

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An XL New Yorker pizza is a great deal for both price ($12.99) and quality (a completely satisfactory pie, not remarkable, yet not bad. Note: crust tends toward the thin side).

What really stood out was the service: I strolled in with a 2-yr old in tow and no wife, and the proprietor was as helpful as could be, going beyond expectations. He was kind enough to have an employe search the back room for some milk, even though they don't offer it on the menu. When they didn't have any, he left his counter position and filled up a cup with water, added lid and straw, tending to my child. He also brought a range of spices to our table and came back around to re-fill my soda for me. Did i mention this is just a counter pizza joint, and that there is no wait staff. You wouldn't know it by the attentive and helpful service I got. I left impressed.

Oh, and for some reason, they've gone all out and provide high-end, bendy straws, in assorted colors. Also much appreciated!

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