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Duck Eggs

Anna Blume

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Any suggestions for fully exploiting these rich treasures that have yolks roughly twice the size of those chickens produce?

Soft boil, poach or fry. I'm serious. Not only are the yolks larger than chicken eggs, they are creamier and have more flavor. You want to really appreciate those yolks in a runny state, without a lot of diluting or competing flavors, like an omelet, a custard or a mayonnaise. If you want to get snazzy, put a poached duck egg on top of a frisee salad with lardons. Otherwise, egg and toast, IMO.

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One of the most memorable dishes I've had this year was a poached duck egg over steamed asparagus with a snowcap of parmesan.

How about poached over a salad of Romaine, crisp bacon, croutons, parmesan, and anchovies?

I'm jealous! I tried to order some earlier in the year, and the farmer ran out.

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Thank you all--valuable advice because I was wondering whether I should go the "respect the ingredient" route and enjoy them as eggs or whether I should turn them into an ingredient for a custard or flan which might become unbelievably velvety and rich because of the yolks.

ScotteeM, duck eggs should be available from one local farmer who sells at Dupont Circle (see related topic) some time in the fall, and most likely, closer to [Tom's] home in Maryland.

Today's my Sunday, so I think I am going to start with Eggs in Purgatory, using a fresh tomato instead of sauce. No frisée, truffles or confit in house, but it should be easy to pick up frisée and bacon later in the week...if the others last.

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