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Royal Blue Bistro - To Open in Columbia Heights

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I am surprised that this has not been posted here yet, click.

Jawad Laouaouda, a long-standing bartender at Citronelle, will open his own restaurant with his long-time friend, Khalid Raji, who also worked at Citronelle. Raji has worked with Yannick Cam and Ashok Bajoj (Ardeo and Bardeo). The new Mediterranean-themed restaurant will be called Royal Blue Bistro slated to open this fall on 14th St., NW in Columbia Heights, DC. Joining Raji in the kitchen will be Rissa Pagsibigan, most recently found at Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert in the front of the house. She has recently spent some time in Morocco to gain fresh food perspective and inspiration to move back to the kitchen.
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Any update?
I appreciate those who supported my endeavor, but unfortunately, after very, very, very long delays and problems with construction, I had to let go of that chef project. Since summer last year, Jawad and Khalid originally predicted opening in September of ‘08. Being in the restaurant business can be so demanding, risky and extremely difficult in all aspects, not to mention the painstaking process of opening one. At this point, I’m not even sure when Royal Blue Bistro will open, perhaps spring ’09? I wish Jawad and Khalid success.
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I'd like to nominate Rissa for the 2009 Annenberg Award. :P

I second that nomination. I also will like to take it one step further, I will like to have a dinner to honor her and her good will. I have sent her word, and hopefully she will be able to tear herself away from work. I had mentioned to Rissa, that if Karma means anything, she will rise like the Phoenix.

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