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Rock Creek at Mazza Extends Restaurant Week

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Executive Chef Ethan McKee has decided to extend Washington, DC's RESTAURANT WEEK UNTIL SUNDAY, AUGUST 24th.

Lunch at $20.08 and dinner at $35.08. Always wanted to see how delicious meets nutritious? Come by ROCK CREEK.

Why not pair it with a movie night?

Or on THURSDAYS, come in for JAZZ with saxophonist RON HOLLOWAY.

SUNDAYS - YOUNG ARTISTS NIGHT. Come hear young artists sing, play jazz -- be mellow in the club room with these up and coming Washington artists who are all studying to be professional musicians. Singers ELIZABETH HANKLA, WILL LOCKHART, and jazz musician, DAVE KAHLER will be in concert on SUNDAY, AUGUST 24th. 6:30-8 pm.

Just wanted you all to be up to date!

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